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Коллекция: Alyssa Rosales truth Video cupcake ayla rosales

3 июня 2013 1375 03:34
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ролик - //zoosexclip.com"Alyssa Rosales" well known as Cannibal Cupcake doesnt lose any bet , in fact she's a world famous zoosex pornstar. You can watch a few videos of her on ArtOfZoo website by the nickname of Cannibal Cupcake. The whole "Alyssa Rosales" is just an hoax.------------------Hello You tube, today I'm going to talk about what everybody is talking about. Alyssa Rossalees fucks her dog.I don't know who started that hoax and why sudenddly I went from Cannibal Cup cake to Alyssa Rossalees.My name is not Alyssa Rosales, not even close. I'm Ayla Verdett, world wide known as Cannibal Cup cake.At first it doesn't took my attention about the fact that my nick name would be changed, but now after receivedso many emails filled with hate I decided to speak the truth.My big misstake was upploading part of life to BeastForum dot com looking for real friendship. I eventually gained popularity thanks to the photographs and videos that I upload to the forum.My nickname Cannibal Cup cake became so famous that my followers awarded me with a fan club.Unfortunately all my photos and videos were leaked to the public, placed on leakedcontent dot com website and people close to my self learned about my private life.I decided to end up my forum account but first at that time I thought only a good bye letter was enough to make people forget about me.My last words were:There will not be any more pictures or videos posted here. If I would of Known the amount of corrupt assholes on here, I would of never joined. I know there's alot of good people.But I also know there's alot of people who pretend to be good, only to take advantage of the information I gave them.I've always done my absolute best to be polite and nice to everyone who has Contacted me. But I've lost all faith in humankind and can not continue to do so. I always see the good in everyone, but not everyone deserves it.I'm going to create a personal blog where my materials and stories will be; And it's going to be strictly exclusive to friends so I know exactly who has access to my stuff. The Internet has turned me into somewhat of an asshole.I just do not want to be burned anymore.I do not want to hear anymore of this bullshit About how I should of known better expected my stuff to be spread all over the place.But I did not. Once again, for the last and end time, I joined this site very shortly after turning 18. It was the first zoo community I had ever discovered. I thought it was a small, secretive community. I had never had any Experience with cyber bullies harassers. I was so happy to have found people like me, I was desperate to Prove myself and fit in.I had never been to any of These anonymous upload sites, And had no idea That Were there people out there who reposted That Was not rightfully theirs materials. I did not read the Terms of Service here, and do not say to yourself how stupid, because I'm 99.9% positive That you did not either. But whatever. No regrets, just lessons learned.-------You can watch full lenght videos on - познавательно

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